In order to stop the reverse engineering of script applications, a lot of developers encrypt their program code with tools such as ionCube PHP Encoder in order to make it human unreadable. The latter is valid for paid applications in particular, because anybody would be able to use and change the unencrypted code without having to pay the needed license fees. When you obtain web software encoded with ionCube PHP Encoder, you'll be able to use it without any problems as long as an instrument named ionCube Loader is present on the hosting server. This loader enables you to execute encoded files and you will often notice it on the list of prerequisites for a particular script application to be set up. Because the encoded files are already precompiled, they're normally executed a lot faster and this can raise the overall speed of your site.
IonCube in Cloud Hosting
IonCube Loader is supplied with each cloud service that we provide and you're able to enable it anytime with just a few clicks, so you can take advantage of script apps which require it. You are able to do this through the PHP Configuration section of the Hepsia Control Panel and all it takes to enable or deactivate ionCube is to click a single button. The change will take effect in a minute, which means that you can go ahead and set up the application that you'd like without delay. The exact same section allows you to switch the PHP release which is active for your account, as we support several versions on our hi-tech cloud platform. In case you move to a version that you have never used to date, you will have to enable ionCube Loader again. More advanced users can use a php.ini file in a specific domain folder to set a PHP version different from the one for the entire account or enable/disable ionCube Loader.
IonCube in Semi-dedicated Servers
Each and every semi-dedicated server account that is created on our cutting-edge cloud website hosting platform includes ionCube Loader support, which means that you can install any script app which needs the software tool. Then use it to launch and maintain your online presence. You can activate ionCube through the PHP Configuration section of your Control Panel and it will take you no more than a few clicks to do this. The change will take effect right away, which means that you will be able to proceed and set up the needed script in your account. If you'd like to change the PHP version that's active for the account, you will have to enable ionCube for the new version as well. Our tailor-made platform also allows you to have a different PHP release for each and every domain or subdomain, which is done with a php.ini file in each domain folder. In the same way, you can enable/disable ionCube Loader for each site hosted in your semi-dedicated account.